1. Nobody cares about what you
say, only what you do.
2. Funding is not the end, only
the beginning.
3. Once you take on funding, the
stress gets worse, not better.
4. Don’t beg for investment
dollars. Someone’s paying to be
your partner, not the other way
5. Arrogant and disrespectful
investors will never be good
partners. Ignore them.
6. Never, ever, ever, pay to pitch.
7. TechCrunch is overrated.
Unless you sell to startups, it
doesn’t do sh*t. It’s good for
the ego, though.
8. Some people care only about
people whom they think are
popular. They’ll acknowledge
you only when you appear to
be more connected than they
are. Get rid of these people.
9. Some people like you only for
what you can do for them. Pay
them no mind.
10. Accelerators are good only for
funding and meeting new
friends. Is that what 6 to 8
percent equity is worth to you?
11. Take a job if you have to. You
will not lose your will to be an
entrepreneur for doing so.
12. Take huge risks in your 20s.
Take calculated risks in your
13. If you have an idea that keeps
you up at night, do something
with it. If not, it will always be
only a dream.
14. It’s OK to be driven by money
at first. Once you have it, you’ll
find your true motivation.
15. Nontechies: If your tech co-
founder says it’s going to take
three months or more, she’s
16. If your tech co-founder says
she can’t use existing code, cut
ties immediately.
17. If your nontech co-founder says
he can’t sell X until you build Y,
he’s making excuses for not
18. Sales are everything. Nothing
else matters. Nothing.
19. Learn something new every
day. One thing at least.
20. Write. Even if you don’t publish
21. Marketing isn’t luck. It’s
22. Press isn’t magic. It’s hustle.
23. Always partner up; never
partner down.
24. Do something uncomfortable
as often as you can.
25. Failing is part of growing. Very
little of what you do is actually
going to work. Embrace it.
26. “.com” is still the best domain
you can get. It’s probably
worth the price.
27. Things are never as bad as you
imagine them to be.
28. It doesn’t matter where your
startup resides. It’s only you
that cares.
29. Tech conferences are a waste
of time, but fun.
30. Working all night is
unnecessary. In fact, it’s
31. Work-life balance is a real thing
and necessary to succeed.
32. Don’t wait until you “succeed”
to start your family.
33. Stay competitive.
34. Talk to your customers every
35. Help every entrepreneur that
you can.
36. Take every speaking
opportunity you’re offered.
37. ASC–Always stay curious.
38. Exude confidence and success.
It translates.