Newsletters for Front-End Web Developers

This is a roundup of free email newsletters you should subscribe to if you’re interested in staying up-to-date with the most important news, articles, and resources related to these topics: general web development, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Once you’re done checking out the newsletters in this post, check out my other list: The 30 Best Web Design Newsletters To Subscribe To, which also shares a technique for managing your newsletter subscriptions.


  1. Web Development Reading List — Front-end web developer Anselm Hannemann sends out a carefully selected list of web-development-related resources once a week.
  2. Level Up! — Receive news on web development, web design, and other related topics every two to three weeks.
  3. Scotch Newsletter — Get web design/development tutorials and news sent to your email by this awesome tutorial site. Email sign-up is at the footer.
  4. Dev Tips — Get a Google Chrome DevTools tip, in the form of an animated GIF, once a week. DevTools is an essential front-end development tool, and this newsletter will help you learn some really cool tricks and techniques.
  5. SitePoint Newsletter — This customizable email newsletter allows you to subscribe only to the topics you’re interested in. Front-end developers may want to subscribe to the “Front-end” and “Javascript” topics.
  6. Status Code — A weekly newsletter containing links that are interesting to coders.
  7. Hacker Newsletter — Receive a recap of the best articles on startups, technology, programming, etc. posted on Hacker News.
  8. Gamedev.js Weekly — A weekly newsletter for the HTML5 game developmentcommunity. HTML5 game development involves HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (not just HTML).
  9. The Web Developer Newsletter — A weekly digest of web development articles, news, and discussions. You’re required to sign-up for a CodeProjectaccount in order to get this email newsletter.
  10. Fullweb — This newsletter is for full stack developers and it covers news and articles on these topics: web development, backend development (in other words, server-side development), development operations (DevOps), build automation, and UX.


  1. HTML5 Weekly — Get notified of news and articles about HTML5/CSS3, and other relatively new web technologies.
  2. CSS Weekly — Front-end developer Zoran Jambor puts together a weekly roundup of CSS news, tutorials, demos and tools.
  3. Sass News — Front-end developer Stu Robson shares a hand-picked list of Sass resources once a week.


  1. JavaScript Weekly — Get a digest of noteworthy JavaScript articles and news every Friday.
  2. A Drip of JavaScript — Receive one JavaScript tip every two weeks in your inbox.
  3. Node Weekly — Get a set of hand-picked news, articles, and links on Node.jsevery Friday.
  4. 5 Minutes of Javascript — A weekly podcast by Code School that discusses the latest news in the JavaScript community sent to your email inbox.
  5. Javascript Jabber — Get this weekly podcast about JavaScript (the podcast also includes topics in Node, front-end technologies, and more) automatically via email.
  6. Superhero.js — A curated roundup of excellent JavaScript development articles, videos, and presentations.