LEARN WEB DESIGN [AT PROFFESIONAL LEVEL]

    Web Technologies

With continously increasing internet based start-ups, there is huge demand for smart ,enthusiastic web developers who can push their growth to next level.In this digital era, establishment of any business starts with its presence on internet. Right from writing your first HTML page to ever changing front-end and back-end technologies, this STP gives you head on start with latest web application frameworks too.

Module 1:Introduction to Web-Design

Over-view of web technologies and understanding software engineering concepts of internet based products, front-end and back end development

Module 2: Interface Design

Understanding basic design principle, visual elements, case study about visual success and failure of few websites.

Module 3: HTML, HTML5

Understanding HTML systax, attributes, typography, HTML5 semantics, multimedia, graphics, APIs. Building a simple racing game application using HTML5.

Module 4: CSS,CSS3

Understaning basic of CSS, syntax, typography, animation using CSS3 and user-interface

Module 5: JavaScript

Understanding JS as programming language, using it with HTML

Module 6: jQuery

Simplifying JavaScript programming using jQuery

Module 7: php

Understanding php as back end pragramming language, managing back end operation.

Module 8: MySQL

Understanding principles of database management system(DBMS), SQL syntax, connecting MySQL with php.

Module 9: Social Networking APIs

Use of facebook, google, tweeter APIs in websites, making facebook application

Module 10: Content Management System(CMS)

Understanding WordPress, joomla, Drupal

Module 11: Web Application Frameworks

Understanding aspects of Model View Controllers(MVCs), intro to web application frameworks like Django, Rails.

Module 12:Projects

1. Writing your own blogging system

2. Social Networking Platform

3. Question-Answer based forums.



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